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It's tough to find time to be alone.  We're running around most of the time, just trying to keep up.  From board meetings to PTA meetings and every minute in between, we're being pulled in different directions.  I've been there.  I *am* there.  Eventually I started to recognize the fact that my only Alone Time was when I locked the bathroom door, ran a hot bubble bath, and slipped into the tub.

After a while, I found Alone Time needed extending, so eventually I learned to bring a book along.  I like to read a variety of books - but in the bath, just give me something entertaining.

Once while I was hiding bathing, my darling husband brought in a glass of chardonnay in a fit of thoughtfulness.  And I realized - I had arrived at the perfect getaway.  (Well, okay, the beach is my 100% perfect getaway in my dreams, but... sometimes you have to make the very best with what you have.)  Fluffy bubbles in a hot bath, with a fun book and a glass of something wonderful.

If this is all the time you have to yourself, JUST DO IT!  Don't wait.  Lock that bathroom door and run that bath.  It's time you do something good for yourself.  And while you're at it, keep in touch.  We'll be looking at fun books to lose yourself in and trying tasty beverages as we go.  You can't go wrong.  What's your favorite book to lose yourself in?

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