Peppermint Dreams and Lavender Nightmares

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Sometimes, despite your best efforts, things don't work out.  Betamax, for example.  Or New Coke.  The Ford Pinto.  Windows 8.

In our little corner of the world, we have Energize.  This is a peppy little scent, blended from peppermint, eucalyptus and lemongrass essential oils.  It was launched in 2014, and then it sat on the shelves, gathering dust.  People loved it when we shoved it under their noses, but otherwise it was ignored. 


I'm pretty proud of this scent.  Blending essential oils is a skill that takes practice.  LOTS of practice.  Untold amounts of practice.  Many times you end up with a resulting scent that makes you run for cover.  (Ask me how I know this.)  Energize just happened to be a blend that ... well, worked! 

I got to thinking about the name.  It's peppy and exciting!  Energize!  Right?  It was suggested I consider changing the name to what's in it.  The trouble is, Peppermint Eucalyptus Lemongrass doesn't really roll off the tongue, unless you're the guy who does the last 5 seconds of car commercials.

As I was reformulating our offerings this summer, I played with dropping the scent altogether.  I dropped it from our body crème offerings, but at the last minute decided to keep it in our scrubs.  Who doesn't like a peppermint foot scrub? 

Our peppermint-eucalyptus-lemongrass foot scrub is now Peppermint Dreams.  It makes me really happy that I didn't have to call a meeting of department heads to debate the merit of the change.  I didn't have to have my boss's boss sign off on the new name.  No one dragged their feet on approving anything about it.  Just me.  Whoop!  Score another one for being indie!

The downside to being indie is that there are very few people to blame when something goes wrong.  This week is Sugar Scrub Week in 'Da Lab, and things were zipping along nicely.  Until!  Ugh!  I realized during my quality check that I'd made an error when mixing up the lavender scrub.  I won't bore you with the details, but, man!  Tossing hours of work into the trash made me sad.  But there was no way our fabulous customers would have anything but the best in their showers. 

If I'd still been in the corporate world, I'm sure exception reports would have been produced and signed in triplicate.  Meetings would have been held.  Heads would have rolled.  (Okay, maybe not, but you get the gist.)  Today is Lavender Scrub Day #2.  Smells yummy!  And best of all, even my worst mistakes remind me that Life is Good as an indie maker. 

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