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For quite a long time, my beauty regime was wash face, dry and go.  Makeup wasn't really a thing.  Lately, though, I've developed a fascination with learning more about how to pretty my face.  It all started when I purchased some Younique makeup from a friend who's a presenter.

Younique is a Direct Sales/MLM company selling makeup, with their hook being highly pigmented products and intense use of social media to sell the products.  (YouTube is littered with good - and terrible - Younique presenters.)  It's next to impossible to find an unbiased review of Younique products, so I thought I'd share some that I've tried.

First up:  Splurge Cream Shadow

My colors:  Majestic, a pinky-purple;  Unfazed, a dark taupe; and Assertive, a dark green.

This was my first foray into cream shadows, so I've tried several different methods to apply it correctly.  I've found I'm happiest with the results when I just use my finger and dig in.  Two of my shadows had a spongy quality and one, Unfazed, was much creamier.  As with many cream shadows, it's work to get them applied smoothly, but I did like that they dry to a powder that's easily blended.  Like everything Younique, they are highly pigmented so you only need to use a little to get great colors and coverage.  If you're comfortable with cream shadow application, these are great!

Next:  Moodstruck Precision Pencil Eyeliner

My colors:  Purposeful, an eggplant;  Prosperous, a forest green; and Perfect, your LBD of liners.

I have to say, if there's one Younique product I fell in love with, it would the Moodstruck Precision Pencil Eyeliner!  These liners come in great colors so there's one for every mood.  They apply so incredibly smoothly - no pulling at all.  And once they're on, they stay in place.  I've taken a nap in them with no smudging.  It's like a miracle!  Love, love, love!

Finally: Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+

I received the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+ in a collection I purchased.  I've tried to use this product several times, and every time I'm left with a great big UGH. 

The mascara has two pieces to it, a Transplanting Gel and the fibers themselves.  You first apply the Transplanting Gel, then the fibers.  The final coat of the Gel is supposed to separate and lengthen lashes, and the fibers provide volume.  Perhaps it's because I'm just a learner, but my eyes felt so heavy and globby I wanted to take the mascara off tout suite.  I figured it was like wearing false lashes -  you eventually get used to it.  But it was just not to be. 

I've enjoyed several of the products I received from Younique.  The only issue I ever have is that they are so incredibly highly pigmented that I find it easy to get heavy-handed with them.  Plus, for the love!  Get some lipstick colors in for the winter complexion! 

Two recommendations from my recent foray into the makeup world:

  • My Younique "presenter" and good friend can be found at her site, and,
  • I've received the very best makeup tips evah from Brianna Fox's YouTube channel.  She really knows her stuff!

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