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As this crazy business continues to grow, we're constantly searching for new ways to serve you better.  Of course, the number one way is to make the best products anywhere and to provide customer service that knocks your socks off.  But we also want to do it by using the technology that fits your lifestyle journey.

We don't just want to sell you products (bo-ring!) - we want to help you live a better life with happier celebrations.  That's what it's all about, right?

There are so many options these days, right? It's dizzying.  I'm not about to just want to stab in the dark.  Will you take a moment to skim this list and then leave us a comment about your preferences?

1. Facebook

We can go live on video using our Facebook business page (Midnight Scentworks on Facebook) or we could host a Facebook group. We can go live there too, and in a group, you can also connect with like-minded people who love our products too. Would either of those interest you?

The new Facebook cover - I'm a master of the collage!

2. Instagram

I'd love to show you more pictures of our business life on Instagram. We can also use video on Instagram. What do you think?

Midnight Scentworks on Instagram

This is what it looks like when you ask a child for help stacking up the day's sugar scrub haul.  Insta-worthy?

3. Pinterest

I'm a Pinterest-aholic.  Are you?  I pin my heart out here on the Midnight Scentworks Pinterest Boards.  Do you use Pinterest regularly?  What ideas are you hunting on it?  Recipes for great cakes for that baby shower?  (I saw a fruit basket made out of a watermelon - divine!)  Should we keep pinning bridal shower and baby shower ideas for you?

4. Periscope

We haven't played around much with Periscope, but if you say we should, we will give it a go. I've seen lots of others use this for chats.  What are your thoughts?

5. YouTube

Some people call YouTube the new Google. Do you use it? What for? Would you like to see us use it to connect with you?  I've seen demos on there that work really well.  What are your suggestions? 

Baby, you're the greatest.  And we want to hear from you!

So the burning question is:  What social media outlets do you love, and which ones would you like to see us use more to serve you better?

Thanks for reading - leave a comment below!

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