About Us

Scents are more than just pleasing to the nose.  Scents evoke feelings, bring back memories and can produce powerful changes in mood.  Midnight Wax Candle Company wants to be a part of creating those warm and wonderful feelings for you. Since 2004, we have been perfecting the art of handcrafted candle-making.  Our goal is to create the highest-quality hand-poured candles and melts.  

It's all in the details.  Our products are always individually hand-poured by our master chandler to ensure you have the best ingredients and highest quality available.  Our candles come in heavy, elegant glassware to produce an even and complete burn.  Our melts are designed to supply hours of enjoyment in any wax melter you have on hand.  Looking for buzzwords like "triple-scented"?  We don't create our products for buzzwords - we just create amazing products for your individual lifestyle and tastes.  

You may not notice the way our candles soot less than others, or the way our melts provide you with so many hours of room-filling scent - but we do.  We've invested hundreds of hours of testing each scent, each candle and each melt, refining our process until we've created the finest candle and wax melt for you.  Our proprietary blend of paraffin waxes and superior fragrance yields the scent you'll always want in your home.  

Sure, you can get candles and melts from the other guys - but you won't find a superior candle or melt to those handcrafted by Midnight Wax.