Not your ordinary bath and body business...

Our customers want and need more than great bath products.  They need a company that understands The Big Event.  Bridal showers, baby showers, sprinkles and weddings all have a million tiny details that need to come together in sync for the perfect day.


I’ve been there.  I’ve planned every detail of bridal showers, baby showers, debate tournaments, professional conventions, trade shows and two (ahem) weddings.  I know what you need.  You need NO SURPRISES.


You’ll also want to be proud of every detail.  Our bath and body products are the best you’ll use on your skin.  


I started this business after 20 years in the corporate world out of self-preservation.  I wanted to be a business owner!  I’m a total business geek. (I mean, I watch Shark Tank and The Profit for fun!)  I found I had a bit of a knack at formulating products.  I wasn’t just a business geek – I was a cosmetic chemistry nerd!  Now, I can provide you with the highest quality products.


I also developed a new passion as an outgrowth of the business – supporting other female entrepreneurs across the globe through  Being a female entrepreneur is tough enough - I can't imagine dealing with difficult circumstances as well.  Midnight Scentworks was able to make loans to over 75 women in 58 countries during 2017 through Kiva, with plans to reach many more in the coming years.